Callista Crafts

Callista was originally founded in 2013 to breathe new life into an iconic accessory – the Tote bag. Since then our vision has always been to develop designs that are not affected by seasonality or trends, but rather encapsulate timeless elegance and exceptional quality.

With extraordinary attention to detail and an unrivaled love of leather craftsmanship, each unique design is handmade by skilled craftswomen at our Athens atelier. With the utmost respect for natural materials, each Callista piece is created to be worn season after season, with a distinct beauty that never ages or fades.

We strive to source the highest quality leathers and raw materials from local Italian manufacturers that operate a reliable and transparent production chain. Each piece is then assembled and put together by hand in our Athens atelier, minimizing waste. We also offer Bespoke & Repair services to ensure that each Callista handbag will be loved a lifetime.

Ethically made products that are crafted to last beyond trends. As a women-run business, we also strongly believe in giving back to our community and supporting organizations that share our values.