Love Stories

Once upon a time, in a department store not so far away, a lady wondered around the lingerie department. Gazing over the racks, she realized her options were either sporty spice or tutu-romance.
And so, in 2013, Love Stories founder and creative director Marloes Hoedeman took a piece of paper and sharpened her pencil to design lingerie that’s as versatile as she knew women to be. The type of lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, minus the discomfort. Sexy but not sex.


With a background in interior design, Marloes took on this adventure without traditional rules or boundaries, because she simply wasn’t aware of them. Et voilà, Love Stories was born: an innovative lingerie brand that celebrates the bralette as the sexiest, most feminine, most comfortable piece of lingerie in the world. A holiday for your boobs. Each collection is a mix & match extravaganza of prints and patterns. After all, lingerie is part of your outfit – the first layer, your mood for the day.


Much-loved for their fashion approach to lingerie, Love Stories got a warm welcome from boutiques and multi-brand stores, where they’re showcased amongst other ready-to-wear brands, rather than the lingerie department. On a mission to spread love around the world, the brand also has several flagship locations, including Love Stories boutiques in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen.